Back in Action

It’s been a while since the last time I sat down to write a blog, probably too long, but it’s finally time for some discipline as the new year begins. I was questioned twice in the past week about why I haven’t posted another blog, and it’s mainly because I get carried away with other things, something that needs to change.

So as of today, I am going to regularly plan on making weekly posts about what’s going on in my life- or at least things that won’t put anyone to sleep. Also, I changed the main title to my blog, Baker’s Truths. I thought this could include anything that I want to write about, and I promise it will all be honest.

One of the biggest things that has happened since my last post is my little pup, Maggie, stepped up to the plate and scared away an intruder.

It happened about a month ago, and she was on a schedule of going out to potty almost every two hours, even at night, which she has been told multiple times is “only for sleepy time.” Despite her constant reminders that we are supposed to sleep when the moon is out, she cried for me to let her out and I stumbled to the back door. I opened the door for her, and she stood in the doorway waiting, as per usual, for me to get shoes on and follow her. This time was different, instead of looking at me and using her eyes to tell me to hurry up, she started growling. I stopped putting the second shoe on, and started to shut the door in case there was a possum or raccoon that she might chase. Before closing the door, I looked around to see if I could spot the animal, and sitting in the front seat of my mom’s car was a young guy.

Now, a lot of scrutiny might follow what I am about to share of how I handled the situation, but most of you have not experienced what I am like at 4 am. Disoriented, blind without glasses, and unsure of why the sun is not out. These are only half of the problems I was facing at the time. I realized that not only was there a guy in the car, but his little amigo was waiting for him, leaning against my dad’s truck.

Smart Baby Maggie knew that they did not belong, and started barking. I knew there was a BB gun somewhere in the bin next to the door, so I tried to find it in the darkened kitchen, without the help of my trusty contacts. The only weapon I could find was my little sister’s softball bat, so I grabbed it and prepared for battle.

The next thought in my brain was “why are they still there?” Even though I had time to find a bat after hearing my dog bark, they had not moved from the positions I first saw them in. Again, disoriented, my first thing to yell was “What are you doing?!”, as if I was as stupid as them, unable to infer that they were trying to steal things out of my mom’s car.

In my defense, I have seen Signs with Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix more than a normal person has. One of my favorite scenes is when they think that some kid is messing around outside their house, so Joaquin decided they need to go scare him off. His brother-in-law is unsure of how to, as Joaquin says, “act like a crazy person.” He’s instructed to yell and curse, and his first attempt is yelling “I’m acting like a crazy person!” Apparently I should be watching more movies where they catch robbers and thieves with their skills.

Back to the story. I watched as one ran off, and the other claimed that this was his mom’s car.  Clearly it was not, so bluntly I yelled, “No it’s not, Idiot. That’s my mom’s car!” As he finally gained some sense, he ran off following his friend, and I ran inside to tell my parents and call the police.

Now I just want to say, if I were dumb enough to steal from other people’s cars, I would not sat there like a moron and answered the person who came out of the house where the car was parked.  I would have the sense to bail or hide from them where they couldn’t see my face in the light of the car. At least have a plan for escaping!! I was literally too confused as to why they were answering me so I lost all my lessons of what to do in situations like this. Maybe that was their plan- confusion.

The police have never said if the found them, although they did say that three guys were being chased about that same time, and one was caught, and belongings from Mounds residents were found in the car they got out of. The good thing is that we didn’t have anything in our cars valuable enough to steal.

I was very proud of my little guard dog, before that night she had never really growled or barked. A month later, I can tell that she is going to be a good dog for me to take if I ever move out on my own, because she lets me know when someone is at the door, and tries to be tough.

Well, that’s all the drama I’ll share today, but check back in a week and see what else I have going on!





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